Spa Capsule Massage

Spa Capsule Massage

Spa Capsule Massage is a powerful tool in maintaining a good quality of life.  Spa Capsule Massage is especially effective in addressing painful and stiff joints, muscle tension and muscle pain, poor circulation, decrease in mobility and inability to exercise regularly.  Spa Capsule Massage also offers a sybaritic mix of satisfying experiences indulging all senses with its luscious aromatherapy and stunning audio and visual aspects. 

Developed by a chiropractor,
Spa Capsule Massage is great for fibromyalgia and arthritic clients.

Our services include:

  • Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • No-appointment necessary availability for our latest product. 
  • We have friendly professionals if you have any questions.
  • Gift certificates are available.

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Images of our machine

Below are demonstration videos from around the internet (we have the same machine, but the videos were not created by us)

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